Human Body Temperature Measuring Camera

Product Keyword: Single Thermal Image PTZ Camera,500M-1KM Laser PTZ Camera

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Principle of Temperature Measurement Infrared Thermal Imaging


In Nature, except the visible light , there are ultraviolet, infrared and other non-visible light. Any object in nature which temperature is higher than absolute zero (-273℃) radiates electromagnetic waves (infrared rays) outward at any time. Therefore, infrared rays are the most widespread electromagnetic waves in nature, and thermal infrared rays cannot be absorbed by atmospheric clouds.With the rapid development of science and technology, peope use the characteristic of infrared, to do application of electronic technology and computer software with the combination of infrared technology, to detect and measure thermal radiation. With respect to the amount of external radiation heat on the surface of the object, the heat-sensitive sensor can obtain different heat differences. Through the processing of electronic technology and software technology, the image with different light and shade or color differences can be presented, which is also known as infrared thermal imaging.The heat on the surface of the radiant source is converted by the heat radiation algorithm.



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