Established in the year of 2007,Chengyu Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd has grown up as a leading professional long range pan tilt camera supplier in China.


We so far own our own photo-electricity research and development center in Xi an,Shanxi province.Also we found our manufacture base in eastern China Changzhou city,Jiangsu province for more convenient customer visit.


Our manufacture center is just 1 hour by high speed train from Shanghai.At present,our own patented laser beam illuminator maximum reaches 45W for military grade 5000m night vision range.Our normal laser illuminator fully covering civic projects from 2W to 30W with night vision range from 200m to 3000m.


Along with fast development of thermal image camera industry,our photo-electricity research center cooperate with germanium glass companies from home and aboard to develop advanced thermal image lens with continunous zooming feature.


So far our thermal zooming lens including 25-75mm,21-105mm,32-155mm,40-200mm,30-330mm etc. Meanwhile,we also producing thermal fixed lens from 7mm,9mm,13mm,19mm,25mm,35mm,50mm,60mm,75mm,100mm,150mm,200mm,250mm etc. In all,we are capable of supplying full range of thermal fixed lens as well as thermal zooming lens.For day camera lens,we cooperated with world famous lens corporations from Japan,like Hitachi,Fujinon,Kenko etc.Our day camera including most conventional models such as 129mm,145mm,180mm,200mm,250mm,also we have higher standard 310mm,370mm,445mm,550mm,765mm,820mm,1050mm etc with day vision range from 1000m to 10000m.We shall keep close contact with the high end lens institute to bring latest & high quality camera lens to customers both from China as well as international.So far our product range including long range laser PTZ camera,single thermal image camera,dual lens (thermal + visible) camera,multi-sensor (thermal + visible + LRF or laser illuminator) camera system.Our long range thermal camera detection range covers from 1KM to 30KM.Our long range laser camera vision range covers from 200m to 5000m.Our day camera vision range covers from 1000m to 10KmOur sales team always be available from 7:30am to 24;00pm Beijing timeAll of your long range camera requests will be responsed within 30mins.


Therefore,our customers never worry about our pre-sale & after-sale services.Contact us today for your long range camera requirements.