10KM-25KM Thermal PTZ Camera

Product Keyword: Single Thermal Image PTZ Camera,500M-1KM Laser PTZ Camera

Description: We so far own our own photo-electricity research and development center in Xi an,Shanxi province.Also we found our manufacture base in eastern China Changzhou city,Jiangsu province for more convenient customer visit.

Products Detail



1.) XT-SH30-DS ( Long Range Hybrid / Multi-sensor Thermal PTZ System ) using world’s most advanced uncooled Vox infrared focal plane array(FPA) with 400X300 or 640×512 pixels thermal sensor.

2.) XT-SH30-DS carries fixed 75mm-400mm lens or 25-75mm 3x,22-110mm 5x,45-135mm 3x,32-160mm 5x,40-200mm 5x,45-225mm 5X,52-256mm 5X,100-330mm 3X etc thermal optical zoom to ensure max. 20KM Thermal image effect.

3.) Affords outstanding image quality and thermal sensitivity that can detect temperature difference less than or equal to 35mK at f/1.0;

4.) With thermal detection range from 1KM to 25Km, the device is able to generate well-defined images in full darkness, haze and smog;

5.) The infrared thermal imager and the camera perform around-the-clock monitoring through video switch. The built-in heater ensures the display can show perfect monitoring images even in chilly and extremely harsh environments;

6.) Robust protection for their critical parts meets the standard of US military Mil-Std-810 and IP66,.which is Moisture-resistant and waterproof, both components work well within the temperature range -40°C~+60°C

7.) Stable image & Anti-vibration for vehicle mounting & Military level connectors;

8.) OSD function (English/Chinese)

9.) Clock wake-up function with various time-set tasks available.(Presets,Auto-scan,self-study,tracks etc.)



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